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 Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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             This Printing Machine is suitable for production of double firing wall tiles. Machine allows high productions in the different sizes, adopting suitable corresponding accessory.

             Machine can be used for printing of double fired tiles at a speed around 80 Pcs. per minute for size up to 200 x150 and at about 70 Pcs. per minute of 300 x 200.  However this is indicative data and can change according to actual body parameters & environmental conditions. Chain index drive system assures a perfect synchronization during the printing operation. 2 Nos. of photocells senses the inflow of tiles & controls printing cycle using highly reliable control circuit, different operation speed is achieved by A.C Inverter. No. of such machines can be placed over Glaze line subsequently for multicolor Decoration of tiles.

 Technical Specifications :

Size of Tiles

Max. Printing Speed in Pcs. Per Minute

100 X 100 mm

80  Pcs. / Min.

150 X 150 mm

75  Pcs. / Min.

150 X 200 mm

75  Pcs. / Min.

200 X 300 mm

65  Pcs. / Min.

Maximum Screen Size

550 X 500 mm

Compressed Air Required

2 CFM at 60 PSI

Power Required

1.0 H.P. ( 0.75 KW )

Approx Weight

225 Kg.

Overall Dimensions :

Width  :  1500 mm
Depth  :  1375 mm
Height  :  1225 mm


Video Clip of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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